Same Day Crown

Imagine that you can complete your crown in one visit with all common materials provided by the doctor. We have the latest equipment to make life easier and especially for you.

With our CEREC CAD/CAM technology, instead of filling a tray with impression "goop" that you must bite into and hold in your mouth until it hardens, Dr. Nourian coats the tooth with a non-toxic, tasteless powder. A camera is then used to take a digital picture of your tooth. This whole Optical Impression process only takes a minute or two. After the process is done, you and our staff will choose the best tooth shade and off to the CEREC Machine.

About 10-20 minutes later, your all-ceramic, tooth colored restoration is finished and ready to bond in place. Finally, Dr. Nourian tries the restoration in your mouth to ensure proper fit and bite. The restoration is then polished and bonded to the prepared tooth. You are done!

Sometimes A Cracked Tooth

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